What cities is FindingWhatsup currently available?
Currently we are focusing on our backyard, the greater Phoenix Metro area and quickly moving toward Tucson AZ, Las Vegas NV, San Diego CA, Los Angeles CA, Dallas TX, San Antonio TX, Cleveland OH, Atlanta GA, New York, Florida. Just because you don't see us in your city yet, doesn't mean we're not on the way. As a matter of fact, we'd like to hear from you in suggesting where we should be offered next. Contact us with your suggestions and we'll be happy to take them into consideration.
How is FindingWhatsup different from other local business directories?
That's a great question! For starters we understand how important reviews are and we're not here to filter your hard earned reviews just to keep you in a premium package with us. In other words, your reviews are your reviews. Whenever you receive an unfavorable review, we will hold it in moderation for up to 7 business days while you are given the opportunity to turn an unhappy customer into a happy one. Our process gives each business owner an opportunity to open dialogue and regain a customer through our mobile application. Secondly, our mobile application geo locates users and directs them right to your front door while giving them step-by-step instructions of where to redeem your coupons, specials and events. We have a number of awesome updates that will continue to reveal new tools and features that no other business directory even wants to give you due to the fact it's way too much control over your advertising reach. Take a moment and download our app from either the Google Play or App Store and take our app for a test-drive. Once you see first hand what we're doing you'll agree that we have given back real advertising power to business owners everywhere.
How are we different from other Group Deal websites?
Our mobile technology allows you to reach new customers instantly after posting your favorite coupons, specials and events. Once you create your coupon, special or event, it will be posted instantly on users of FindingWhatsup who have subscribed to your business category or to your company directly by simply following you. That's faster then using any other Group Deal site without having to give-up 50% of your product's sale price and then splitting 50% of the remaining profit. Your deal is your deal and we don't care to take any profit from it. Enjoy more profits, more the way it should have been in the first place.
How can FindingWhatsup help my business?
If you are a business with a physical location, listing with us will put your business in the hands of 1000's of users who love supporting local businesses. Choosing a premium listing will unlock powerful tools that will give you the ability to post your best coupons, specials and events right on new potential customer's devices through alert notifications instantly as you create them.
What is FindingWhatsup the mobile app?
FindingWhatsup is a revolutionary mobile application that was created to empower businesses of all sizes with advertising tools designed to channel new customers to their brands while making it awesomely fun for local users as they find local deals, specials and events directly on their mobile device.
Is FindindWhatsup free to use?
Absolutely! For consumers, simply install our app from the Google Play or App Store and enjoy our all-in-one business locator where you can find coupons, specials and events from some of your favorite businesses. For businesses, we have a free listing package that will get your business listed fast however, if you want to post your most popular coupons, specials and events to local users who follow your business or your business category, we have plans that are cheaper then most cell phone bills or a cup a day from Starbucks.

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